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Mixer Grinders

Superior Food Machinery only supply the Kolbe range of mixer grinders. This is for one reason and that is because we believe they are the best in the industry. The Kolbe range of mixer grinders are over engineered and made to last a lifetime. Solid stainless steel construction mixed with state of the art technology produces a mixer grinder you cant afford to be without.

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Kolbe are a unique manufacturer due to the perfection achieved with everything they do, whether it be manufacturing a mincer, mixer grinder or a bandsaw, the design and finished product is as near to perfection as you could ever imagine. All the Kolbe mixer grinders come with the auto reverse mixing arm system, which allows you to successfully mix small batches without large amounts of product being left in the worm having not been mixed. This is where the mixing arm changes direction every 20-30 seconds and at the same time the worm spins backwards forcing any product back up into the chamber and back into the rest of the mixed product.

Kolbe's mixer grinder range starts with the newly introduced MWK32 mixer grinder, which is available in single or three phase and has a capacity of 45 litre or 20-60lb of product. This machine is one of our best selling mixer grinders, due to its size it is an ideal mixer grinder for use in a butchers shop or a small supermarket which has limited floor space but still require a high throughput of upto 950kg/h whilst producing a product with good particle definition of cut. The MWK32 mixer grinder is produced using Kolbe's usual high standards of build quality, reliability and performance.

Kolbe's MW32-80 mixer grinder is the next size up in the range, still featuring a 32 sized mincing knife and plate the MW32-80 and MWK32-80 mixer grinders have a larger mixing hopper capable of holding 80 litres or 130-160lb of product. This mincer grinder is more ideal for the larger butchers shops, supermarket or small to medium meat processor and is capable of mincing and mixing product with a throughput of 1100kg/h. The mixer grinder comes with two different sized worm drive motors 4 or 5.5kW to cater for most customers needs. This mincer grinder really is one of the best machines you can buy for your money, and with Kolbe's usual high standards of design and build quality with last you a life time.

The Kolbe MW52-120 mincer grinder is another jump forward in machine size and throughput. Featuring a massive 240lb hopper capacity with a 52 sized head the MWE52 mixer grinder is capable of producing up to 1700kg/h in optimal conditions. Precision engineering of the worm and head ensures the best possible homogenitey particularly when mixing with herbs and spices etc.This Kolbe MWE52 mixer grinder is perfect for the medium to large meat processor and comes as standard with Kolbe's innovative auto-reverse system ensuring virtually no product is left unmixed in the worm, eliminating the need for putting that first fre pound back in the hopper.

Kolbe's mincer grinder range doesnt stop there though, the AWM52 and AWM56 mixer grinders are even bigger with 220lt approx 200kg hoppers and throughputs of 3000-4000kg/h they really are serious mixer grinders. Various options are available including feed hopper, hoist, increased grind motor power and speed control for the mixing motor,. The two mixer grinders are capable of mincing meat that is tempered to as cold as -12 degrees with the correct options chosen.



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